Mulligrub writes melody-driven songs with punk and tweeish tendencies. Bittersweet but mostly bitter, they can be found singing songs about the last day of summer or friends you’ll never see again. Mulligrub is angry on the outside and tender on the inside, like a burnt marshmallow. Kelly sings and plays guitar, Riley sings and plays drums, Mirella plays bass, and they all have too many feelings.

The band is somewhat embarrassed to admit that one member (to go unnamed here for her protection) used to be in a folk punk band and that this was probably formative towards their lyric- and melody-based songwriting. Inspired by slurpees, melting snow, and trying to quit smoking, Mulligrub likes to think of themselves as the female DIY indie twee punk Bruce Springsteen, the Canadian Waxahatchee, and the American Alanis Morissette.


Winnipeg, MB.