“Mulligrub’s songs tends to take place in the breaths between words of a conversation, those millions of thoughts that rush around heads but can’t possibly be enunciated or elucidated. The Winnipeg trio take those moments and slow them down until there’s something to hold onto, something to make sense of in all the confusion.”

– James Rettig, Stereogum, 22/4/16


“It feels almost like a cop-out to make Weakerthans comparisons, but Grub and John K. Samson share a gift for capturing the emotional gravitas behind the geographies they know. While JKS’ approach is often, at least to a degree, voyeuristic or semi-detached, Grub and her band can’t help but be part of the alloy — one made of environment, people, feelings — and it’s those visceral impulses, which Grub seemingly couldn’t turn off even with a gun to her head, that elevates Mulligrub to this deeply personal but wholly relatable in-it-togetherness. It also makes theirs a new voice worth listening to.”

– Matt Williams, Exclaim, 20/4/16


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